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Artist/Band: Michael Var Fickle

Released in 1993. Many fine moments on this one. "Fined", "Two Tons of Crazy" and "Haven't A Clue" are early signs that there may actually be a songwriter hidden somewhere in this hyper, poetic, funk-punk free for all. I read an interview with MVF some years back and he was recalling his early experience with seeing live bands. "I noticed that most of the bands had the same problem. All of their songs sounded the same! I decided right then, that would not happen to me". Clearly he took it to heart, as he jumps from one style to the next with wild abandon. Not an easy task, so it helps that the musicianship on "Worrystone" is top-notch. The lyrical styles range from confessional to an interior monologue. It's fun to listen to where Michael Var Fickle started, especially after hearing his latest release, "The Clavicle Gate". The early writing featured on "Worrystone" seems to show off a confused tragedy in the making. With "The Clavicle Gate"...the confusion is no more. -NLo

"Worrystone" track listing:
1) Thank You All
2) Outrageous
3) Fined
4) 12 Years Between Coins (Voller version)
5) Cynical Show (innocent version)
6) Two Tons Of Crazy
7) Haven't A Clue
8) Forgot To Look

MVF: guitar & vocals
Steve Newlin: lead guitar
Steve Voller: bass
Tim Flynn: drums
Jason Duncan: percussion on "Outrageous".

All songs written by MVF, except "12 years Between Coins". Music by Steve Voller. Lyrics MVF.
And "Haven't A Clue". Music by Steve Newlin & MVF. Lyrics by MVF.

Produced By Steve Newlin and Michael Var Fickle
Mastered by Marc Hudson

Title #2214796
Format: CD-R