Alluma revisited
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Alluma revisited

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Alluma revisited

Artist/Band: Graham Philip d'Ancey

"Alluma" was a vinyl only limited release in 1983. Unfortunately the master tapes have been lost, they no longer exist. In essence, synths were used for the main melodic lines augmented with electric, acoustic guitars etc.
Having experimented with the instrumentation/arrangement of the compositions, to be faithful to the original concept and to further enhance it without using synths:-
Work began on "Alluma revisited".
Interestingly "A Path of Sorrows" was the intended final track on the original album. Ultimately it was not included simply because - the synths just did not have the depth of soul or expression for the composition - it did not work. "The Seers of Arcadia" was used as a footnote instead.
"Alluma revisited" is a completely new recording/arrangement, and with the inclusion of "A Path of Sorrows" is now "Alluma" as intended.

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