Museo Taurino!
Produced by Jeff Stoll
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Museo Taurino!

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Discarded the short film

Museo Taurino!

A horror movie with some bullfight subplot.Don Guillermo blames writer for his son's death in the bullring. The unlucky writer stumbles into his trap.
Letterboxed in a square format to have the feel of the old classic films of the 1920s and early 30s.

"watched your movie today and I gotta say it's pretty good ... I like the transitions (like from pavement to grass etc) and the music is good too and the guy that starred in it... can't quite place who but he reminds me of someone lol ... he is very believable as the character too though I especially liked the "hehe" laugh. was that sound effects or someone actually laughing when you did the close up on the do not walk sign before the masks? whatever or whoever it was... it sounded really good ... I imagine if I had been stoned I would have been flipping out cause you just can't quite tell if its real or not.
That's all I can really think of at the time to say about it... but I do think it was done really really good :)"

congrats! - Ivy Winchester ,Horror Author

"Not my sort of movie but the trailer looks good and the leading actor reminds me a bit of Brando and Rod Steiger! Good luck with it! "-Bard of Ely

"Whoever the hell it was you had playing the psycho murderer in this did a better job than many established mainstream actors. He reminded me of the likes of Nicholas Worth in Don't Answer The Phone and Tod Slaughter in Face At The Window, two very underappreciated parts. We know most indy films are shit, but are an alternative to Hollywood shit and we support them because people making these love doing it. This film, even if it is bad, and who can say it is as it might not be, is going to be saved by the lead character. That is the creepiest shit I have seen. His eye rolling, raving, face making, psycho shit is masterful. Where did you find him? Did you raid an asylum? With indy films I tend not to expect much, but this guy looks so over the top you could have a cult classic in the making." -Horror House

Mr ??????????, Denise Daliege- Pierce ,Luke Menapace

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Museo Taurino!
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