Into the Darkness
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Into the Darkness

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Into the Darkness

Artist/Band: Catalano

The long awaited Debut Album "Into the Darkness" by Catalano. Hard Rock, Heavy Metal at its finest. Blazing riffs and soaring vocals, "Into the Darkness" is by far some of the best Melodic Metal out of the USA to date. The album blisters with good songwriting, musicianship and production. You've got some songs that are heavier, nearing the melodic metal side of things, with Burn, Into The Darkness, and Changes. Alternatively, Sirens, the catchy Little's Never Enough and One More Time steer more towards melodic hard rock, with more than a little AOR current whisping through. Throughout Pressley's vocals soar and Pat Catalano makes that guitar sing with sweet solos in every song.

Title #2225709
Format: CD-R