Sacred Choral Works, CD 3

Sacred Choral Works, CD 3

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Sacred Choral Works, CD 3

Artist/Band: Peter Kwasniewski

This compact disc features complete recordings, by Matthew Curtis, of 22 of the pieces published in my collection "Sacred Choral Works." (This third CD corresponds to pages 174-263.)

For more information on the composer, to order the book of scores, or to listen to sample tracks, visit

Track listing for this CD:

[1] Palm Sunday Psalm Response I
[2] Palm Sunday Psalm Response II
[3] Mandatum Antiphon I
[4] Mandatum Antiphon II
[5] Mandatum Antiphon III
[6] Mandatum Antiphon IV
[7] Mandatum Antiphon V
[8] Mandatum Antiphon VI
[9] Mandatum Antiphon VII
[10] Good Friday Reproaches, Setting I - Refrain A
[11] Good Friday Reproaches, Setting II - Refrain B
[12] Good Friday Reproaches, Setting II
[13] Good Friday Reproaches, Setting III
[14] Vidi Aquam
[15] Venit Iesus
[16] Simon Iohannis
[17] Venite populi
[18] Non vos relinquam
[19] Pentecost Psalm Response I
[20] Pentecost Psalm Response II
[21] Pentecost Psalm Response III
[22] Requiem aeternam Introit (à 3)

TT = 58 mins.

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