The Rock n' Roll Cops
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The Rock n' Roll Cops

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The Rock n' Roll Cops

The Rock n' Roll Cops is a blistering non-stop Action Adventure through the mean streets of Hollywood, California.

International Action Star Scott Shaw stars as the Hard Boiled Detective Jake Blade. He is joined by Action Star David Heavener and the Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kevin Eastman. They join forces to clean up the Hollywood underworld. Penthouse Pet and B-Movie Queen Julie Strain appears in this film, as do the ultimate Hollywood bad guys, Robert Z'Dar and William Smith.

With a Guitar in One Hand and a Gun in the Other, The Rock n' Roll Cops Kick Hollywood's Butt.

Scott Shaw, Julie Strain, Kevin Eastman, Robert Z'Dar, William Smith, David Heavener

Title #224479
Format: DVD-R