Mozart Complete Piano Sonatas VOL.5

Mozart Complete Piano Sonatas VOL.5

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Mozart Complete Piano Sonatas VOL.5

Artist/Band: Mehmet Okonsar

W. A. Mozart complete piano sonatas in 5 volumes by Mehmet Okonsar.

Composed in January 1788 the Sonata in F-major K. 533 had primarily only two movements. Mozart added to it a "Rondo" (originally in F-major K.494) composed in 1786 as a finale. The Allegro is built on three themes which emancipate in a development section with audacious harmonizations and counterpoint.

Unjustly nicknamed "easy sonata", because it is all but "easy", this well-known Sonata in C-major K. 545 was composed in 1788. It will be published after the composer's death. It was called "Petite sonate pour debutant" by Mozart himself.
Calling this sonata "easy" is fallacious. It has many risky passages and requires a perfect mastery of the equality of touch.

Alfred Einstein wrote about the Sonata in B-flat major K. 570, composed in February 1789: "this may be the most balanced one, the ideal of the classical piano sonata".
The concise Allegro is a singing, melodious movement. The Adagio in E-flat major is almost like one Rondo. The "actual" rondo: Rondo, Allegretto is very humorous.

The Sonata in D-major K. 576 was composed in Vienna during the summer of 1789. The starting Allegro in 6/8 is a splendid work with most refined developments in canonical forms. This gets more emphasized during the development. The Adagio in A major is full of ornamentations. It is made of four expositions of the one single theme with intermediate sections composed with audacious harmonic developments and modulations. The Finale, Allegretto in 2/4 is characteristic with its left hand runs of triplet sixteenths. Its counterpoint work and harmonizations makes this ultimate sonata a captivating work.

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