The Fight of Our Life: Three Women Battle Ovarian Cancer
Produced by Cassie Cosgrove
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The Fight of Our Life: Three Women Battle Ovarian Cancer

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The Fight of Our Life: Three Women Battle Ovarian Cancer

From the moment a woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, an overwhelming number of facts, statistics, and information are thrown at her. This documentary goes beyond the facts and gives a human face to the disease. Sally Cotlar, Kolleen Stacey, and Susan Thrower are three powerful women who openly share their experiences with the disease, as well as certain coping strategies they have found helpful, whether spiritual, nutritional, emotional, or psychological. Most importantly, The Fight of Our Life: Three women battle ovarian cancer can help us to understand the importance of and more actively cultivate a fighting spirit. This informative and inspirational movie is ideal for women who have recently been diagnosed but provides helpful tools for anyone facing a life-threatening disease.

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Sally Cotlar, Kolleen Stacey, Susan Thrower

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