Travels in Tyme

Travels in Tyme

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Travels in Tyme

Artist/Band: Grego Applegate Edwards

"Travels in Tyme" offers a new music suite of nine interrelated multi-tempoed works composed and performed via multiple live tracks by Grego Applegate Edwards.

The idea of the music came out of the experience of listening to choruses of crickets and katydids on a summer night, the collage of bird calls on a spring morning, the sound of multiple cathedral bells ringing on a Sunday morning during the high holidays, and the synchronized-de-synchronized dual alarm clocks that used to tick together in ever-changing combinations in his bedroom when the composer was young.

The nine works make use of between 11 and 50-or-so instrumental parts which play in and out of synchronizations according to metronomic indications for each part. The music has elements of freedom and determination depending on the work at hand.

Edwards combines new music classical, avant psychedelic rock and free-form jazz in new ways and shifting combinations. The music can be spatially dense or flowing in soundscapes. Always the aim is to take the listener on a cosmic trip into the inside of a cricket's head, the complexities of the big-bang and expansion in terms of sound events, and the organized chaos of sound fractals, where pattern emerges only after living within the structured meditations of sound coincidences over long periods of time.

Edwards has been involved in new music, free jazz and avant rock genres for many years and puts this album forward as an example of their integration. This is his first commercial release.

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