Essential Mysteries Meditations: A Lesson in Transformation
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Essential Mysteries Meditations: A Lesson in Transformation

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Essential Mysteries Meditations: A Lesson in Transformation

Artist/Band: Erika Ginnis

Do you ever wish you could just sit down, close your eyes and let someone else lead you gently along the path of meditation and self healing?
Do you want to feel better, less stressed and more at ease?

  • Balancing spirit and body
  • Find neutrality in the midst of emotional upset.
  • Sleep better
  • Relieve stress and anxiety

Here it is...your own private guided meditation and instruction available whenever you want it.
Learn to balance head and heart, how to release negative judgement of yourself and others. How to integrate grounding and centering to release stress and enhance your personal spiritual connection.

  1. Grounding for Ease and Wellbeing. Beautiful and calming 20 minute guided meditation instruction on the technique of grounding and connecting with the earth.
  2. Centering for Clarity & Wisdom.A relaxing 15 minute guided meditation on finding your center; where you can have your spiritual perspective from within the body, and activate your inner sight.
  3. A Lesson in Transformation (Creating and Destroying). Clear what you no longer want. Create what you do. Own your own power and creativity.
    As spiritual beings we have an innate ability to learn, grow, make change and heal. This simple powerful 17 minute guided meditation, will lead you through a very simple and powerful way to work as spirit to create change - and transform energy.
  4. Between Earth and Sky. A brand new uplifting guided healing meditation to use for healing and reconnecting with your true self and sense of worthiness.

Created by Erika Ginnis Author of Essential Mysteries a User's Guide for the 21st Century Mystic. Erika Ginnis has served as a clairvoyant reader, Healer, ordained minister & spiritual teacher since 1982. Combining additional study in New Thought, astrology, and ritual work to create a private practice that draws from a variety of energetic and healing traditions. Over the last 25 years she has presented lectures, workshops and classes in Meditation, Healing, clairvoyance, Inner Journey work, Spiritual Leadership, and Personal Transformation as well as providing private Spiritual Counseling and Coaching. She is also an experienced musician with styles ranging from New Age and meditative through alternative and R&B.

Of her spiritual work she says... "It is my intention to provide tools and techniques for personal transformation, as well as a safe space to explore the inner reality of spirit as it expresses though the physical world. I draw from a variety of traditions. The techniques I use and teach are simple and very powerful. They give you a greater capacity for experiencing the wonders of this planet and in turn increase your power and awareness, making you more effective in where you choose to direct your energy."
Of her guided meditations she says..."I want to provide relaxing and soothing guided meditation instruction as both a companion to my written work and also as a new avenue of personal experience."

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