Eric Jon Henderson Turned Up
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Eric Jon Henderson Turned Up

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Eric Jon Henderson Turned Up

Artist/Band: Eric Jon Henderson

Eric Jon Henderson plays Classical Masterworks by Bach, Tarrega, Granados and Others on Electric Guitars.

Timeless music with remarkable performance in an entirely new light.

Unlike other attempts at playing classical music on electric guitars, this work is not simply a novelty. The impact and beauty of these works is enhanced by the power, sustain and tone of modern electric instruments and carefully applied studio engineering. The original composers of this music would be delighted and we hope you are as well.

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A note from Eric:
Several considerations drew me to record a classical album on an electric guitar.
The ability to sustain the melodic line and the powerful, thicker sound the
electric guitar brings to classical music are two reasons. Add to these the edge to
the tone that most people associate with the electric guitar and the possibility
that classical music will take on a whole new relevance when played with this
iconic sound. For years I have wanted to record this album. The fear of being
labeled a heretic by traditionalists as well as the technical challenges that come
with playing steel strings on a narrow neck have stopped me in the past.
Thankfully I have always kept playing electric guitar as a secret pleasure.

Frank Baker was kind enough to give me access to his collection of impressive
guitars. These were, for the most part, custom-made with superior electronics
and wider necks. This, along with his encouragement, gave me the support I
needed to see this project through. There was nothing that was overlooked as far
as attention to detail, texture, sound and tone. We had, after all, no examples to
run to and no examples to learn from. The recordings and videos that we could
find for the most part had accompaniment or additional tracks to support the

This album is my best, I pray that it inspires and delights.

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