Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell
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Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell

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Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell

Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell is a cutting-edge martial art driven, action adventure film; with an impertinent cult film edge.

Not only was it the winner of the 1992 Tokyo Experimental Film Festival, but it was one of the first movies to be shot entirely on video tape and receive intentional distribution.

The Los Angeles Times says, "With intense lighting, stunning locations, and a storyline that could only have been dreamed up by the mind of consummate artist, this film helped to usher in the digital age of filmmaking."

International Action Star and Martial Arts Master Scott Shaw stars as Alexander Hell, a cross-dimensional mercenary who rides his Harley Davidson motorcycle out of the dark abyss and joins forces with Sir Katana, Kenneth H. Kim, to send ancient vampires, who are wreaking havoc on modern-day Hollywood, California, back to Hell.

SAMURAI VAMPIRE BIKERS FROM HELL is a Rock n' Roll journey into the realms of artistic fantasy.

Scott Shaw, Kenneth H. Kim, Saime Nakamura, Roger Ellis, Douglas Jackson

Winner: Scott Shaw, Best Director, Tokyo Experimental Film Festival.

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Format: DVD-R