9mm Sunrise
Produced by Scott Shaw
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9mm Sunrise

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9mm Sunrise

Arriving in amidst a foggy haze on an old steam driven train comes the shotgun carrying Jack B. Quick, played by International Action Star Scott Shaw, to battle the crime forces controlling the streets of Hollywood.

The Godfather of Hollywood, Mr. Rinaldi, played by Cult Movie Icon Conrad Brooks, is struggling to maintain his choke hold on the city, while the up and coming Jacob Rinaldi is fighting to become the supreme Gang Lord of the streets. Enter, Jack B. Quick to defeat the two gang families in a no-holds-barred confrontation reminiscent of the action packed cinema of Hong Kong.

Created with lyrical visual movements and rapid fire scene, 9mm Sunrise pushes the action adventure film genera to a new level of artistic perfection.

Scott Shaw, Conrad Brooks, Roger Ellis, Sabrina Rippy, Cherise Bangs, Lori New,

Title #225575
Format: DVD-R