HUMBUG: The Art of Outrageous Publicity
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HUMBUG: The Art of Outrageous Publicity

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HUMBUG: The Art of Outrageous Publicity

HUMBUG: The Art of Outrageous Publicity, or, The Amazing True Story of the Great Powerball Lotto Hoax and Dr. Joe Vitale's Quest for Fame and Fortune

In February 2006 the Powerball Lotto grew to the largest amount in US history. When the winning ticket was sold, the media jumped on the story. But the story they ran and aired to the world was in fact the wrong one. They inadvertently played into the hands of a mastermind media prankster and his merry band.

This exclusive behind-the-scenes riveting documentary reveals how author and marketer Joe Vitale hired legendary prankster Alan Abel to pull an outrageous publicity stunt to promote his latest book, The Attractor Factor.

This thirty-minute fast-moving DVD includes rare interviews with Vitale and Abel, background information about P.T. Barnum and his own publicity antics, stories of how Mark Twain and Edgar Allan Poe and others used humbugs throughout history, and reveals the intimate details of the unforgettable publicity stunt that rumbled across the USA in 2006 and is still talked about today.

This is great entertainment and provides a real lesson in why everyone in business needs to consider publicity of one sort or another to get ahead in today's competitive world.

"Humbug" also includes several surprise bonus extras, including:

* full interview with Dr. Joe Vitale
* charming chat on how one might really win the lotto
* unveiling of Dr. Vitale's actual mermaid

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HUMBUG: The Art of Outrageous Publicity
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