West Coast Style - Freeride Fundamentals DVD
Produced by Chris Bremer
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West Coast Style - Freeride Fundamentals DVD

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This is disc one of a two disc set. Click here to learn more.

West Coast Style - Freeride Fundamentals DVD

Freeride Fundamentals, the second in the West Coast Style mountain bike DVD series, is all about taking your mountain bike skills to the next level. Filmed on the North Shore, Squamish, Whistler Bike Park, and other renowned trails on Canada's West Coast. This mountain bike video will help you improve your skills.

Returning is host Elladee Brown and renowned instructor Joan Jones. Teaming up with Elladee and Joan is Daamiann Skelton: coach, instructor and Canadian Downhill Champion. 45 minutes of lively and interactive instruction takes you from Freeride Basics to advanced skills for taking air, riding skinny lines, rolling drop-offs, cornering and flowing smoothly down your favorite trails.

Mountian Bike Fundamentals also features over 30 minutes of exciting riding by world-class talent including Ryan Leech - pro trials and stunt rider, Shaums March - pro downhiller and Head Coach of Mad March Racing, and Jay "Hoots" - jump guru and builder of dirt jump parks in Vancouver.

Bonus special features include; Setting up a all-mountain bike, The Saint group, Responding to Accidents, Ryan Leech's new trials DVD, Mad March Racing, Canadian Mountainbike Instructor Certification and the Gleneagle Adventure Park.

We invite you to refine your skills in style - West Coast Style.


* Basics
o Neutral Position
o Bike/body separation
o Pressure control
o Braking
o Eye movement
o Ready State
* Riding Skinnies
* Taking Air
o Manual Front Wheel Lifts - "Hucking"
o Dirt Jumping
* Advanced Cornering
* Rolling drops
* Flow on the trail

Special Features:

* Digitally Mastered Sound and Video
* All Mountian Bike Set-up
* SAINT ? Shimano's group for freeriders
* Responding to Accidents
* Ryan Leech's trials instructional video
* Mad March Racing programs
* CMIC - Canadian Mountain Bike Instructor Certification, training for Ride Leaders, Guides and Instructors
* Gleneagle Adventure Park, West Vancouver, BC Canada
* Rider Profiles with Ryan Leech & Shaums March

Alexander Holstein about WCS Mountain Bike Fundamentals

My name is Alex, I am from Germany and yesterday I received your DVD on the Mountain Bike Fundamentals that I purchased in your Internet shop.

I'm have been doing (soft-) freeride for about one year now and before I used to do cross country mountain biking for about 10 years (but more in road cycling style).

As freeriding is quite a new development in the region where I am living in Germany it is really difficult for me to get a clear picture on how different sections in a trail can be managed with style and flow. Most of my efforts I currently spend to learn dropping and jumping. So far it was for example a miracle to me how to differentiate my movements between a drop in a flat and a drop in a tranny. I am always doing the same movement (bring your butt behind the seat) and feel very uncomfortable when landing in a strongly descending trail. There are two or three guys here that a pretty good in that but unfortunately they can't really explain how and what they are really doing.

So, I thank you very much for your instructional DVD. It is all very good explained so I understand what I should do to make my ride smooth, safe and also a little bit stylish. I am sure your DVD will keep me busy during the coming bike season 2006 and I am also really sure that at the end it will bring me to the next level of mountain biking, as you are promising in your advertising.

Posted by Alexander Holstein about WCS Mountain Bike Fundamentals

Ryan Leech, Shaums March, Joan Jones, Daamiann Skelton, Elladee Brown

Telly Award - Best Cinematography 2006

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West Coast Style - Freeride Fundamentals DVD
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