Desire of the Heart EP

Desire of the Heart EP

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Desire of the Heart EP

Artist/Band: Drakon Myth

Drakon Myth is the brain child of producer, songwriter and keyboardist, Gregory Davis, born out of the desire to blend heavy rock, orchestral and choral textures, ambient and electronica into a sound that has traditionally been labeled goth rock and symphonic metal.

Drakon Myth began with the penning of several songs and a vision of song arrangements and orchestrations featuring a heavy rhythm section of drums, bass, and guitar, backed by a powerful orchestral presence, choir, piano, synths, and all the ambience one would expect from symphonic metal, including quiet moments offsetting and highlighting the energy and power of the heavier material.

To put it into context, the music is reminiscent of bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, Kamelot, and Evanescence, among others. Melodic, lyrical, focused, uplifting, and energetic are a few words that describe the listening experience.


"A Passing Storm" is a very beautiful track, piano is deeply touching and the strings give something uplifting to this track! [K. Rossi]

Excellent vocals, music, arrangements, melodies and orchestration. [Tony]

ASSOLUTELY STUNNING. This is first class ROCK. [S. Inglis]

Great variety, imagination, originality and talent here - "A Passing Storm" is lovely in melody with wonderful piano and orchestration. [Chris]

"A Passing Storm" Sounds Great! [Mykoman]

"Passing Storm" is beautiful. I can hear the beginning rain drops. Very artfully done. [M.Justice Lucas]

Awesome band and vocalist! Mystique lives here. [JP]

Cheers for the add : ) 'Passing Storm', top class, loved it. (Global Arts Network)

A Passing Storm is gorgeous. I had to listen again. [magicsong]

Great songwriting, and amazing guitar playing [Fluffer]

Fantastic music, great sound/style, nice vox, Well done... [Jeff]

Well, this is a very good discovery :) [Thulnar]

A Passing Storm is beautiful and suits the name. Artistry on the keys. [magicsong]

Beautifully spacious keys and string buildup for "Passing Storm" here, and really diggin the short bursts of goth-metal power on "Everlasting Love"... solid, melodic and emotional work here! [mikewhitepresents]

Magnificent vocals and tracks !! wow !!! enjoyed the listen..thank you so much [from] us Aussies [Jen]

A Passing Storm - compelling development with enchanting keys and melody. Technical masterful work Drakon Myth. Cheers [Patricia]

Great work! Most enjoyed listening to "A Passing Storm"! [LPB Band]

Fantastic musicianship, vocals and tracks here [Charles]

Great music, great skill, and great vocals. Keep up the wonderful music! [Theatre of Night]

Epic gothic rock tracks. Wonderful powerful atmosphere. [Wild & Welsh]

Love your sound! [New Zero God]

Windy, eclectic, and baneful to a stagnant soul. Sounds like an early 90s gothic rock band called "Savior Machine" [Coleville]

Rock on!!! You sound amazing. Much love from Ukraine. [HiperChef]

It's nice to see a band with passion for lyrics!! [All for Naught]

A Passing Storm is great [The Subwave Network UK]

A Passing Storm... Beautiful composition!! [Chrisy D]

It is a real pleasure to get to listen to your wonderful music, beautifully arranged and played. Very best wishes. [Gollop]

Wow! Its really gothic!!!!! Love it! Very professional! [ANUNNAKI]

Great tracks here! Awesome band and voice. [Fantasma Web]

I love your music! Keep it up! My favourite track is A Passing Storm [Luna Reign]

A Passing Storm - TOTALLY AWESOME!! [Seven Days]

Totally enjoyed A Passing Storm! [Blue Plasma Orb]


Awesome tracks! [The Time Bomb]

Great sounds here. A Passing Storm quite enjoyable. [Society's Soul]

Hey Great job really enjoying A passing storm Thank You ! ! You Rock :) Peace [1050]

Passing Storm, top class, loved it. [D. Moore]

Awesome band and vocalist! Mystique lives here. Cheers [JP]

A Passing Storm is beautiful. I can hear the beginning rain drops. Very artfully done. [M.J. Lucas]

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