Moon Moth

Moon Moth

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Moon Moth

Artist/Band: The Bird And The Monkey

Moon Moth is a 6-track mini-album by Scottish Borders based duo Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian, aka The Bird And The Monkey. This collection of songs shows a more experimental edge than those on The Bird And The Monkey's debut album, AMPLITUDE-one (2014), with frantic detuned guitars, crackling electrical buzzes, screwdrivers jammed through guitar strings, mysterious lyrics and wordless voices, layered effects and unconventional time signatures all explored in the BirdMonkey labs.

01 Bowery Bums
02 Moon Moth
03 Blood On Our Hands
04 Meet The Maelstrom (Temples Of Grandeur)
05 Eat Your Star
06 We Sing Ourselves To Sleep

All songs written, played, engineered and mixed by Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian at B Plus M Equals?, Scotland.

Mastered by Steve Muzzaman Murray at Mix2Master. Published by Sentric Music. Cover Art by Sarahjane Swan. (c) Athene Noctua Records 2015.

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