The Relaxation DVD

The Relaxation DVD

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The Relaxation DVD

Relaxation could be the most empowering music Video you have ever seen. Over 50 minutes of relaxation of your mind,body and soul.

Experience HARMONY, AQUATIC DREAMS, RELAXATION , NIGHT TALK, SUNRISE AND RELAX YOUR MIND This DVD evokes memories of a less complicated time, a time of innocence and inner peace. Each of us who view the DVD and
listen to the sounds of your MUSICAL MASTERY will revisit their own special memories for themselves. We also have corporate discounts on sales over 100 Copies. Just e-mail us with your concerns visit WWW.YESWECARE.NET ...

Our RELAXATION DVD has helped others world wide, will you let it help you?
The treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is complicated and multi-faceted; This DVD can help to overcome PTSD.
Relaxation Training Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment: Relaxation training includes deep relaxation methods such as abdominal breathing and Progressive muscle relaxation techniques. It also deals with meditation, yoga, autogenic training, guided imagery and sensory deprivation as well as visualizing a peaceful scenery. These are common in treating all types of disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and others.

A large percentage of sales go to charity, Yes We Care Inc. ( 501 C 3 A Not For Profit ) We are Fighting Cancer All The Way


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Why not make an insightful decision and purchase the "Relaxation DVD" by Paul "sequence" Ferguson. this DVD is " a prescription for what ails you ".why not allow yourself the luxurious sensation that comes upon you and transports your soul free floating thru time and space. you will never want the experience to dissipate. at the culmination of this "musical gift" you will savor the next opportunity to enjoy a magnificent composition that allows you to rediscover your true self. this is the perfect gift for those you love. but take my advice, love yourself first.


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The Relaxation DVD
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