West Coast Style - Mountain Biking DVD
Produced by Chris Bremer
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West Coast Style - Mountain Biking DVD

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West Coast Style - Mountain Biking DVD

West Coast Style - Mountain Biking video, is now available in this special, expanded DVD edition. With over an hour of instruction on riding all types of technical terrain. Filmed on, and near, Vancouver's famous North Shore trails in British Columbia, Canada. This mountain bike DVD will help you progress your skills as a rider like never before.

Over 20 skills are explained, from West Coast Basics to Wheelie-drops. With instruction by Joan Jones, Director of the West Coast School of Mountain Biking (WCSMB), whose teaching methods form the core of the West Coast Style series. Co-host is the entertaining and renowned Elladee Brown, who also hosts the companion mountain bike DVD - West Coast Style - Freeride Fundamentals.A comprehensive Freeride DVD that expands on the lessons presented in the Mountain Bike DVD.

West Coast Style showcases montages by world-class riders, including Ryan Leech, creator of the "Art of Trials" and "Manifesto" DVDs, professional trials and stunt rider, host Elladee Brown and Cindy Devine, both World Downhill medalists, as well as eight-year old Stevie Baia, who placed first at the 2002 World Trials Championships in Japan. These mountain bikers show you the key to improving your skills, in step by step examples.

This mountain bike DVD invites you to refine your skills in style - West Coast Style.

Skills: Mountain Bike Instruction in easy to understand progressions.

* West Coast Basics
* Slow-Speed Maneuvers
o Switchbacks
o Tail Whips
o Trackstands
o Hopping
o Rocking
* Up, Around and Down
o Climbing
o High-Speed Cornering
o Descending
* Wheel Lifts
o Basic Front Wheel Lift
o Manual Front Wheel Lift
o Rear Wheel Lift
o Level Lift
o Bunny Hop
* Up, Around and Down
o 1/4 Pedal Kick
o 1/2-1/4 Pedal Stroke
o 1/2-1/4 Wheelie Drop

Special Features: Found only on this mountain bike DVD.

* Digitally Mastered Sound and Video
* Feature Commentary with Joan Jones, Elladee Brown and Daamiann Skelton
* Responding to Accidents - Step into a critical situation on the trail. A rider is down. Are you prepared to help effectively?
* Kyle Guay - This Ride Guide segment presents rising star Kyle Guay in his quest to conquer British Columbia, and then the world.
* CMIC - Canadian Mountain Bike Instructor Certification, is breaking new ground in the training and certification of mountain bike guides and instructors throughout the world.
* Talladega - "The Fly" Music Video - Simply the best riding you'll ever see.

WCS Mountain Biking for Explore - Canada's Outdoor Adventure Magazine
West Coast Style - Mountain Biking: The Way the West is Ridden. If you believe that once you learn to ride a bike you'll always know how, then clearly you've never tried riding the fabled trails of Vancouver's North Shore, where just staying upright is sometimes a major accomplishment.

But then again, chances are you've never seen a bicycle ridden the way it is in West Coast Style - Mountain Biking: The Way the West is Ridden. The brainchild of former Canadian downhill star Elladee Brown and Joan Jones, founder of the West Coast School of Mountain Biking, this video is part instructional treatise and part eye candy. It shows off the dazzling, highly technical moves that have been busting out of Canada's crucible of mountain biking, and then breaks them down and tells you how they're done.

Watching Brown and Jones ( not to mention Norco-Factory-Team trials stars like Robin Coope and Ryan Leech) is a lesson in "flow" - making your body at one with the bike and the fearsome terrain. Still, it's not all just mindless bunny-hopping from log ladder to swinging bridge - these riders can point 'em into the fall line and let 'em rip, too. There are over 20 techniques featured, from simple trackstands to launching wheelie drops off six-foot boulders.

Can you learn advanced mountain-biking technique by sitting in front of the TV and watching a video? Likely not. But by analyzing key moves like the manual front-wheel lift or the very cool tail-whip cornering method, you can crystallize them in your mind and then hit the trails and give them a try. - Steven Threndyle

Posted by Steven Threndyle about WCS Mountain Biking for Explore - Canada's Outdoor Adventure Magazine

Ryan Leech, Joan Jones, Elladee Brown

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West Coast Style - Mountain Biking DVD
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