New Shoots

New Shoots

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New Shoots

Artist/Band: Gary Monheit & Dan Krimm

Gary Monheit -- Piano
Dan Krimm -- Fretless Bass

Special guest:
Scott Amendola -- Drums

1. Meadowlark* (5:22)
2. Misspoke** (6:08)
3. Awakening* (4:39)
4. Rambling Green** (7:36)
5. Blues For Terri** (5:14)
6. New Shoots* (5:44)
7. Contemplation* (5:12)
8. Affirmed** (5:05)
* Composed by Dan Krimm, Krimbo Music/BMI
** Composed by Gary Monheit, Ripe Paper Secrets/ASCAP

Recorded January 25-26, 2015
Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA

Producers -- Dan Krimm and Gary Monheit
Recording/Mixing Engineer -- Adam Munoz
Mastering -- Joe Tarantino

Copyright ©(P) 2015 Daniel Krimm and Gary Monheit
All rights Reserved
Another Pass Productions

Excerpts from liner notes by Bill Milkowski (contributor to Down Beat and Jazziz, author of "JACO: The Extraordinary and Tragic Life of Jaco Pastorius"):

Friends and bandmates since their college days in the 1970s, pianist Gary Monheit and fretless electric bass guitarist Dan Krimm have maintained an on-and-off working relationship over the decades that continues to this day. Now both living in the San Francisco Bay Area, they have added the versatile Bay Area drummer Scott Amendola to the mix on 'New Shoots,' which rekindles their longstanding indelible chemistry, but with a new twist.

Krimm is now using more frequent key modulations while continuing to place great emphasis on melody on his originals like "Meadowlark," the lightly swinging jazz-waltz that opens the collection, as well as the lovely "Awakening," the introspective "Contemplation" and the vibrant title track.

Keyboardist Monheit, who appeared on Krimm's 1986 debut, contributes four stellar compositions that have the highly interactive trio collectively exploring a hard driving swinger ("Misspoke"), a walking blues ("Blues for Terri"), an effervescent heartland-ish number ("Affirmed") and a loping samba flavored romp ("Rambling Green"). A consummate accompanist with a forceful left hand and a deft touch in the right hand, Monheit also shows a sense of harmonic and rhythmic adventurousness in his improvisations, as he demonstrates in his cascading solo on "Meadowlark," his daring extrapolation on the mesmerizing "Misspoke" and his singing solo on "Awakening." His dazzling keyboard work on the propulsive 6/8 number "Rambling Green" is a pianist tour de force while his "Blues for Terri" (named for his wife) is old school in the best sense of the word, with just a twist of Monk coming into his earthy, Junior Mance-Ray Bryant-informed statements.

Throughout 'New Shoots,' Krimm affects an exceedingly warm, woody tone on his Pedulla electric bass guitar along with an uncommonly lyrical penchant on his instrument, sounding like a cross between electric bass pioneer Steve Swallow and upright bass master Buster Williams. That deep-toned quality underscores all of the tracks on this appealing trio session, while his extraordinary facility and melodic ingenuity as an improviser provides a flurry of low-end highlights along the way.

Amendola's contribution cannot be overstated here, as he demonstrates an uncanny ability to play just the right thing for any occasion. And his choices, whether it's his sublime brushwork on the delicate "Contemplation," his rolling undercurrent and extended drum solo on "Rambling Green," his buoyantly swinging, interactive pulse on "New Shoots" or his slick fills on the swaggering "Blues for Terri," always elevate the proceedings.

That this partnership has not only sustained from their college days but actually grown incrementally, arriving at this new level for the aptly-titled 'New Shoots,' is a triumph in these days of dwindling opportunities for jazz musicians.

"It's a very satisfying thing to finally come full circle back to this thing again," says Krimm. And now with 'New Shoots' they continue the next chapter of their potent partnership, picking up from where they left off and taking it to an exciting new level.

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