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Dakota's Pride - A Parents Search for Positive News and Hope on Down Syndrome.

Dakota's Pride is a heartwarming documentary about a father's search for the truth about Down Syndrome. Tough questions are posed to and answered by a noted Harvard Physician, and parents of children with Down Syndrome. The answers are surprising and inspiring. In addition to being informative, this documentary celebrates the successes that have been and can be achieved by individuals with Down Syndrome.

Dakota's Pride has been aired on PBS and is a must see for anyone. This family friendly director's cut has 45 minutes of bonus track footage and ten extra minutes of running time.

"Informative and inspiring. . . It's wonderful to know that parents can be so involved, educated, and determined to reach out and make a difference. These people are giving many others hope."
'Dakota's Pride' is a truly inspiring tale! This is a feel-good documentary."
Universal Film Festival universalfilmfestival.com

"Dakota's Pride is a unique film that shows a side to Down Syndrome that is rarely featured, and that is the hope and success that these individuals and their families can experience in life."
Valerie M.B. VanDerSluis
Programming Director KTWU PBS ktwu.washburn.edu
++ "This DVD is recommended family entertainment by The Dove Foundation."

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National Down Syndrome Congress
February 2008
By Julie Anderson

This is a good video for those who are wondering what it means to be the parent of a new baby with Down syndrome. It was created by a father who had the question himself and set out to find the answer. There are interviews with both parents and professionals who paint a positive portrait of what life is like when there's an extra chromosome in the picture.

I particularly like how he was ready to search the world to find out the positives, but ended up finding all of the proof that he needed quite close to home. Viewers will learn new information about DS, including that there is much to celebrate.

Kathy Ratkiewicz

Vice President Down Syndrome Family Support and Advocacy Group of Michigan

I watched the most amazing documentary last night..Dakota's Pride.

I highly recommend it. The documentary is about one family's search for
answers about Down syndrome. Like many of us, they were taken by surprise
when their child was born with Ds. they went through the usual stages of
grief, then decided to educate themselves about Ds. There are family
interviews, interviews with young adults who have Ds, some doctors, a
pastor, therapists and lots of scenes of people with Ds. there is a great
segment with a singing group of young adults with Ds,, singing and signing a
song (tissue alert;-) especially for the longer segment at the end.

Too many good comments by the people interviewed to list,,, well worth the
Price and well worth the time it takes to watch it (over an hour) Excellent for new families, too. I wish that doctors could watch it. I think that it might very well change lots
their minds about what life for and with people with Ds really is like.

"This DVD is recommended family entertainment by The Dove Foundation."

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"This DVD is recommended family entertainment by The Dove Foundation."

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