Produced and Directed by Jean Mercier
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94 min movie.
All Seniors should see it! Classic film A DAY IN A LIFE by Poet Jean Mercier (English, + French dubbed tracks + subtitles and closed caption. DVD formatted for all regions)

This DVD comes with the PUBLIC PERFORMANCE COPYRIGHT for libraries, schools and small groups. See the full trailer, rent / buy it also on demand, find more links and details at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/aday

** This DVD can also be shown on ONE local non-profit community TV for one year and multiple runs (from the first broadcast - must simply be declared to producer by email with receipt attached at apoemaday@me.com)

***Find it at your local library or video store. Simply ask them for UPC: 883629237015

If you were given another chance, what would you do? A DAY IN A LIFE tells the story of five seniors who decide to turn an ordinary day into something special. Stars RICHARD BULL, better known for his recurring role as Mr. Oleson in THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. The impressive supporting cast includes Barbara Collentine, (Mr Bull real life spouse) Vernon Chapman, Emile Genest, Joy Coghill, Frances Bay, Norris Domingue, Jamieson Boulanger, Ann Turnbull and Shawn Pyfrom. Produced and Directed by Canadian poet JEAN MERCIER, this film will stay with you for a long long time.

Tackles themes like: elders and bullying, love, aging, relationships, the choice of staying active, overcoming depression, the universal need for harmony, security and social contacts, family, healthcare and more.

A romantic comedy like you've never seen before - for Seniors! Remember Mr. Oleson in THE LITTLE HOUSE? See him perform with his real wife! Get a copy (or a few!) for the elders in your neighbourhood, they will love you for it!

** Use it with your group, celebration or festival! Organize your own free public or small group screenings when you buy this DVD (new) here at no extra charge. License non-transferable. Each DVD also comes with the rights to show this film on your local Access Network or non-profit community television ONCE. Just email your receipt at apoemaday@me.com with your request (date, community TV station, city, etc) for your authorization to show it on your local TV station for FREE! **

**This DVD comes also with the educational / public performance license to be used for showings in libraries, film studies, film societies, or lending by teachers, nurses, social workers, or in senior homes, nursing homes, hospitals, with small groups like in tour buses, or in hotels, motels, video clubs, B&B, senior associations, and other similar places and groups. (no tickets sales authorized except for fund raising for a charity and non-profit organization, rental of this DVD is OK, but any public showings must be free. One DVD / License per location / teacher / social worker / tourist guide and so on. Copying this DVD is strictly forbidden. If loaded to a hard drive for your commodity, every location should count for one DVD/Unit and license.)

This film was entirely shot in Canada's jewel city, Victoria, British Columbia. Great gift on any occasion for the elders in your family - they will love this movie!


A note from filmmaker and director Jean Mercier:
As some people like to watch this movie in a group, if there is a discussion subject that would come to my mind it would be:

"My body might be getting older, but my heart is not! I am still a full participant in this society, and I can make the world a better place with all I know, with every single day and moment that I am so gracefully granted! So, I will reach out and stay a part of my friends, family, and community's life, even if I have to do it against all odds, and will love it in every way as much as possible."

* CreateSpace delivers everywhere in the world. Visit our website for direct downloads online with this same licence.

Contact the producer directly at jmerc56488@aol.com with any questions.)

Televised Broadcasts:
The Movie Network, Bravo, Mpix, Super-Ecran, CFCF-12, CINE-POP, SUPER-CHANNEL (Canada). Global Learning Channel (Japan) BSkyB (UK), Canal Vie, TV Monté-Carlo.

***** (5/5) A Very Touching Movie

"I took a chance and bought it, and I`m very glad I did. This movie was just beautiful and makes us remember that, no matter what age we get to be, we still are that same person we were when at a younger age.

My viewpoint will never be the same after watching this movie. Excellent characters and a more than exceptional role performed by Richard Bull!
I give this movie 5 stars!"
By J. W. Stager Jr.

Richard Bull, Barbara Collentine, Vernon Chapman, Frances Bay, Emile Genest, Shawn Pyfrom, Ann Turnbull, Norris Domingue

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