Haazinu, Listen! The Song of Moses. The CD

Haazinu, Listen! The Song of Moses. The CD

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Haazinu, Listen! The Song of Moses. The CD

Artist/Band: David Ezra Okonsar

"Ha'azinu: Listen, O heavens, and I will speak! And let the earth hear the words of my mouth!". The first piece starts "quasi niente" ("pppp": as soft as possible). The powerful words that open Haazinu are transcribed here as soft as possible. The movement includes wild contrasts. Very tender lines alternate with strong and resounding chords which also alternate with dry, short and harsh note-clusters.

More than once one have the main tone-series deployed as "Moses speech" in either a baritone range or as "reflected from the skies" in very high registers. It concludes again with a polyphony as in the opening, yet this time more dense and built with the deployment of the main series in several ranges simultaneously.

The main series of the entire series, used as it is in pieces number one and seven, favors intervals of perfect four and chromatic steps. The P4 interval represents the perfect harmony and the chromatic step, specially downwards has always been the representation of lament and fall.

In "Remember the days of old", the second section of the Ha'azinu, Moses exhorted the Israelites to remember that in ages past, G-d assigned the nations their homes and their due, but chose the Israelites as G-d's own people.

G-d found the Israelites in the desert, watched over them, guarded them, like an eagle who rouses his nestlings, gliding down to his young, G-d spread His wings and took Israel, bearing Israel along on His pinions, G-d alone guided Israel.
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