I've Got Heaven on My Mind
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I've Got Heaven on My Mind

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I've Got Heaven on My Mind

Artist/Band: Reverend Raymond Branch

An 85-year-old preacher covering the Velvet Underground? Believe it. But then, Rev. Branch is no ordinary minister. Born in 1931 on Bayou Black, Louisiana, Rev. Raymond Branch followed his calling to Los Angeles, where he debuted the Rainbow Gospel Hour in 1971, buying late-night airtime on Inglewood's KTYM-AM with earnings from his trade as a barber. A historic 40-year run of the self-financed, self-produced program ended without fanfare in 2014, but at 85, Rev. Branch's commitment to charity and uplift continues. He keeps daily hours serving the community from the Heavenly Rainbow Baptist Church in South Los Angeles, where all are welcome.

Though Rev. Branch released a handful of now-rare singles as "Ray Branch and His Guitar" decades ago, I'VE GOT HEAVEN ON MY MIND is his first full-length release. It includes a new interpretation of "Jesus," composed by Lou Reed and originally recorded by The Velvet Underground in 1967. RevBranch.com is his online archive.

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