Is There Only One?
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Is There Only One?

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Is There Only One?

Artist/Band: Lena Fayre

Lena Fayre's EP titled, "Is There Only One?", includes five tracks. They were co-written/produced by Lena Fayre and Noah Georgeson.

Here's what Fayre had to say about the EP:

"I wish I could say that she is the other woman, but in fact I am. What you see on the EP cover is a real Instagram photo of the real girl taken by the real boy who inspired this collection of music. She isn't me; I will never be her. Obsession, possession, denial, heartbreak landed me in a position to write and express my way through a difficult situation. He chose her. The songs of Is There Only One? reflect my state of mind as I processed, questioned, and eventually found peace with such a visceral experience with rejection. This led me to think about the structure of relationships, attachment, and how the modern romance is diluted or enhanced by social media. Sometimes the things we do in the name of lust or love forsake reason and logic. We have the most hope despite our knowledge. I had the most hope."

Here is what the press had to say:

"Lena Fayre's 'Is There Only One?' will haunt you and leave you wanting more than the five songs that are on it. Not only that, the EP has listeners wanting to learn more about the 19-year-old from California, who is so unlike the norm." -- TheCelebrityCafe 7/28/2015

"Lena Fayre - New Sensation. She has the power to make the crowd swoon and has the sickest hooks. Her sound is eclectic with undertones of Fiona Apple and a hint of the Arctic Monkeys' - 'AM.' Lena Fayre is definitely an artist to watch." - Pancakes and Whiskey 7/28/2015

"SoCal singer and songwriter takes pop music into uncharted realms with impressive results on new EP. Our first reaction is that this five-song collection will haunt you in the most wonderful way possible. It's the kind of body of work you want to just close your eyes and fall into." -- ARTISTdirect 7/24/2015

"Lena Fayre - a fresh face in music you need to know - one the verge of a major year. Her honest, slightly dark sensibilities lend a poetic quality to her songs that's powerful, to say the least." -- Clique's WhoWhatWear 07/24/2015

"Lena Fayre Makes a Breakup Record for the Instagram Generation. There's clearly an electric, clock-stopping quality to her voice." - LA WEEKLY 07/15/2015

"Southern California songstress brings a beautiful darkness to alternative pop. The Southern California singer and songwriter expanded her sound and evolved in the most wonderful way." -- ARTISTdirect 7/14/2015

"Music Discovery: Lena Fayre. Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Lena Fayre isn't afraid to speak the truth or share her innermost feelings. Her harmonious and dark lyricism is paired with underlying synth-pop and R&B-tinged melodies." -- Interview Magazine

"Lena Fayre paints with 'Colors of Leaving.' Fayre has already amassed an impressive and well-received collection of moody pop ballads. "Colors of Leaving," the latest track she's shared from her forthcoming EP Is There Only One? is her most involved production yet: It's an atmospheric, synth-heavy slow burn built on stuttering FKA twigs-esque drums and Fayre's ethereal vocals." -- SPIN 06/15/2015

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