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9:04 AM

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Skye Falling, a film by Heath McKnight

9:04 AM

9:04 AM follows the difficulties of life, love, happiness and the relationships of friends and family. Justin (Mike W. Leavitt), an artist at a marketing firm, is at one of the happiest points in his life, but something feels missing. Amanda (Marissa Medal), his ambitious copywriting partner, wants to succeed. But her relationship with Dan (David Nathie Barnes) is falling apart, while her sister Billie's (Sarah Elizabeth Kenny) obsessions are becoming more than a distraction. Suzy (Laura Arias), Justin's best friend, wants to be loved, but coming out isn't easy, and Phil (Brock Harris Hill), Justin's WORST friend, just wants a free ride. Mike Spring of DVD Snapshot says, "the performances are excellent, Mike Leavitt and the beautiful Laura Arias shine."

"9:04 AM is a fun film with a healthy dose of drama that's exceptionally well put together. A- ." - DVD Snapshot

Mike W. Leavitt, Marissa Medal, Laura Arias, Brock Harris Hill, Sarah Elizabeth Kenny, David Nathie Barnes, Conor Timmis, Maria de Jesus Castellon, Talia Molé, Don Morton and Mark Shubert

Filmmaker Award, the 2007 Palm Beach International Film Festival

Film Festivals:
2007 Palm Beach International Film Festival

2009 Delray Beach Film Festival

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