Chattanooga's Homeless Challenge
Produced by Wes Rehberg
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Chattanooga's Homeless Challenge

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Chattanooga's Homeless Challenge

Chattanooga, Tennessee's, homeless and those who provide care finally get a voice in a documentary by Wes Rehberg that describes the dilemmas of homelessness and the situations homeless persons and caregivers face daily. The 56-minute documentary includes interviews with presently and formerly homeless persons as well as care providers; interventions offered, many faith-based; and first-person descriptions of the difficulties of homelessness. Estimates of the number of homeless in the greater Chattanooga, TN, region are placed at 4,000. The film debuted at the city's Community Theater on May 25, 2006 to an audience of 400 persons, and also screened at Chattanooga's Barking Legs Theater.

homeless persons and caregivers

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Chattanooga's Homeless Challenge
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