Cuba's Love & Suicide, the movie
A Luis Moro Production
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Cuba's Love & Suicide, the movie

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Cuba's Love & Suicide, the movie

A history making film, the only film shot on location in Havana, Cuba by American filmmakers in 50 years.

A love story of a man who goes to Cuba and discovers the one thing between love and suicide.

Starring People Magazines sexiest Latin Kamar de los Reyes, Luis Moro and Daisy McCrackin.

Made in the real Havana, Cuba. TOMAS (Kamar de los Reyes) is successful.
But money cannot buy love. So he enters a world of dreams vs. reality.

ALBERTO (Luis Moro) lives a simple life, never focusing on material possessions.
He peacefully knows life will never outlast time;
dreams and reality are the same.

Tomas finds himself in CUBA, a world preserved in the present,
where time stopped, and souls rise beyond material surfaces. Cuba's the birthplace
of broken hearts, false dreams and lost lives.

People appear in Cuba for many reasons.
NINA (Daisy McCrackin) a modern day gipsy is looking for her reasons,
while TOMAS keeps running from his.

In a frantic moment before TOMAS attempts to kill himself,
he recalls his intimacy with NINA,
and the ultimate test of authenticity given by ALBERTO.

In this moment, Tomas discovers the one thing between LOVE & SUICIDE.


The Best Movie I have ever seen.

Scene after scene, Love & Suicide portrays a picturesque Island.
Miami Herald

This film will affect you deeply and unforgettably?
Public Magzine

The first American feature film made in Cuba since Castros revolution.
Miami Herald

Kamar de los Reyes Invades Cuba.
Urban Latino Magazine.

Luis Moro delivers a standout performance.
Moving Pictures Magazine

Moro created Movie History.
Miami Herald.



Kamar de los Reyes, Luis Moro, Daisy McCrackin

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