UFO Secret Video
Produced by Scott Shaw
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UFO Secret Video

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UFO Secret Video

Scott Shaw presents a film by Donald G. Jackson, UFO: Secret Video.

In this 1980s groundbreaking movie, famed independent filmmaker, Donald G. Jackson was the first Director to actually make an entire feature film, shot entirely on a home video camera.

Filmed throughout the Los Angeles region, at many of the locations where major feature films where shot, this movie takes the viewer to the source-point for the creativity that was to take place many years later when the digital video revolution took over the filmmaking process.

But, more than simply a cutting edge feature film, this film was never released in the 1980s. Not until now!

It sat on the shelves for over two decades, until it is now finally presented to the film going public.

Variety magazine says, "This movie is required viewing for anyone who wants to chart the history of New Hollywood."

UFO: Secret Video follows UFO hunter, Jeff and his beautiful cohort, Suzanne as they travel the Los Angeles landscape seeking to find out the truth about UFOs. Ultimately, just as the two develop emotions for one another, they find the answer to their questions and their dreams turn into a nightmare.

The answers are out there if you know where to look.

Jeff Hutchinson, Suzanne Solari

Title #230311
Format: DVD-R