RockHounds: The Movie
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RockHounds: The Movie

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RockHounds: The Movie

RockHounds: The Movie is an educational and exciting documentary film that explores the science, fun and adventure of of the hobby of gem & mineral collecting.

Featuring TV geologist Devin Dennie, the film visits the "World Championship Quartz Crystal Dig," tags along with "Dinosaur George" Blasing on a fossil hunt, explores the unusual barite rose rocks of Oklahoma and stops by the Houston Gem & Mineral Show to check out the amazing "Rock Food Table."

Strap on your boots and let's get diggin'!

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-North Texas Explorer: The Complete Series DVD Set
-Oklahoma Rocks!

Lapidary Journal
Rock & Gem Magazine

Devin Dennie

The America Federation of Mineralogical Societies "Excellence in Education" Award

Film Festivals:
SCINEMA '05 - Festival of Science Film

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RockHounds: The Movie
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