Toad Warrior
The Only Authorized Release of this Cult Film Classic.
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Toad Warrior

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Toad Warrior

The Earth is being swept by a toad plague. Enter, the lone Samurai, Max Hell (Scott Shaw), the Earth's last hope to retrieve the stolen frog serum developed by the Cyber-Physician, Dr, Trixi T. and save the planet from the mad clutches of Mickey O'Malley (Joe Estevez).

This dream-like exploit takes Max Hell on an action packed martial art thrill ride of adventure where he flies his Ultra Light Airplane into Toad Country and encounters the likes of Agent Glory (Jill Kelly) and The Swamp Farmer (Conrad Brooks). This movie is filled with a non-stop barrage of action and artistic cinematography, taking the viewer on a wild trip into the abstract reality of a world gone to Toads.

This is the Only Authorized Release of this Cult Film Classic.

Scott Shaw, Joe Estevez, Jill Kelly, Conrad Brooks

Title #233905
Format: DVD-R