Produced by Ray & Migdalia Etheridge, in association with Golden West Films
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Two missionaries are lost, and presumed dead in the jungles of Panama. In New York, a pair of private investigators are hired to find them. Their only clue is a mysterious note with the word "Gila". But what does it mean? Is it a person?...a place? animal?...a river? The natives speak of "Gila" only in whispers. Some say that it is a place "of pure evil". Others call it "the resting place of the devil himself". The investigators seem to step back in time as they find themselves in the middle of a dense jungle filled with exotic animals, aztec ruins, and an army of "walking dead". Produced by Migdalia Etheridge. Written and Directed by Ray Etheridge. A Golden West Films presentation. DVD extras include the movie trailer, and a MUSIC VIDEO of the song, "Dead Or Alive".

Oscar A.Diaz, Ben Daniels, David William Cabrera; Sergio Vigano

Film Festivals:
Miami Independent Film & Music Festival (2006); Delray Beach Film Festival (2007)

Title #234035
Format: DVD-R