Produced by Ray & Migdalia Etheridge in association with Golden West Films
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This ultra low-budget action/adventure thriller from 1989 has been re-edited and re-mastered from the original negative, with a running time of 60-minutes. Two crazed killers rob a grocery store in the rural town of Vernonia Oregon, killing the store's manager, and the town's only police officer. The robbers make their escape on backroads, but are chased by an army of townspeople who are armed, and out for blood. The bad guys crash their car, and take refuge in a farmhouse, using the family as hostages. The house is quickly surrounded by the armed posse, and the game of cat-and-mouse begins. The DVD also includes a half-hour documentary called "The Making of Revenge of the Rednecks", which gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how the special effects and car crashes were done. The DVD also includes the movie trailer. Produced by Migdalia Etheridge. Written and Directed by Ray Etheridge. A Golden West Films presentation.

David Jackson, Shawn Stevens, Ed Justice, Floyd Ragner, Robert Louis Jackson

Title #234045
Format: DVD-R