Be Quiet in Waterloo...Summer Edition
Produced by W. Cardone Productions, Chelsea Michigan
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Be Quiet in Waterloo...Summer Edition

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Be Quiet in Waterloo...Summer Edition

Escape to the Waterloo State Recreation Area of south east Michigan for 60 minutes of rest and relaxation. There is no need to travel to exotic lands or visit the 7 wonders; true beauty is in the details. With this video you will enjoy the intricate complexity of native wildflowers as they wave gently in the breeze. Catch a glimpse of the sun's rays peeking through the forest tree tops. Gaze at the splendor of a Michigan sky filled with cotton-like clouds. Study the grace of the monarch butterfly as she probes a flower to drink in the nectar. Listen to the trickle of water as you watch it rush over rocks along a creek bed. Observe wildlife such as sandhill cranes, white-tailed deer, hummingbirds, red squirrel, large mouth bass, and a giant honey bee in their natural environments. Come and relax to the beauty that is Michigan!

W. Cardone Productions is proud to release the first in a series of relaxation videos filmed entirely within the beautiful State of Michigan. Each film contains full theatre quality nature sounds enhanced by soothing music. Now you can truly get away from it all, without going away. Let us help you learn to notice the awesome details that surround you every day! What a great way to de-stress after a hard day!

This video was filmed in high definition and is released here in standard definition DVD-R. Watch for the release of this and other titles in Blu-Ray to enjoy the fullness of detail and beauty!

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Format: DVD-R
Be Quiet in Waterloo...Summer Edition
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