No One Ever Wins

No One Ever Wins

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No One Ever Wins

"No One Ever Wins" documents life in Lebanon in the aftermath of the unexpected and suddenly ignited
war between Hezbollah and Israel in July of 2006.

The story is told through the interviewees' experiences
and personal stories, among them Lebanese-Americans, a Shi'ite schoolteacher who lost several of her students in the bombardment, ordinary families whose homes were destroyed by rockets, and United Nations peacekeepers doing their best to restore stability and peace to the lives of the Lebanese.

From personal reports of life in Beirut during the war, to a journey across the devastated landscape of South Lebanon - where the brunt of the destruction occurred - this documentary speaks with ordinary Lebanese civilians of their loss, not only of physical property and personal lives, but a longer lasting loss of peace and prosperity, and hope for the future.

The documentary also includes a harrowing day with the UN bomb disposal team, and an insightful record of the Hezbollah victory rally only weeks after the 33 day war.

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Fargo Film Festival
Long Island Film Festival
Longbaugh Film Festival

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