Noreen Renier - The Psychic Connection in Criminal Investigations (IRVA 2006)
IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2006
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Noreen Renier - The Psychic Connection in Criminal Investigations (IRVA 2006)

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Noreen Renier - The Psychic Connection in Criminal Investigations (IRVA 2006)

Legendary forensic psychic Noreen Renier details the events that led her from being a hotel publicist to solving murders for the police using ESP. In a warm and humorous style, Ms. Renier tells us how, with the help of a skeptic and an ex-nun, she awakened her psychic self to possibilities she had never dreamed of. There is no fluff here. In a very down-to-earth, no-nonsense-ma'am way she tells us of a number of cases in which she played a role, from her first case involving a serial rapist to solving the murder of a prized race horse! She recounts how she came to lecture at the FBI academy on the Marine base at Quantico, Virginia, and to work for police departments all over the country. Of particular interest, she explains how she does her work, and complains about the typical lack of feedback - police use her work, then go on to other things, often forgetting to tell her the outcome; she often has to read about it in the papers (she consoles herself with counsel from a medical doctor friend: he told her that he never gets feedback from patients, either - unless what he proscribed didn't work). And, perhaps most useful of all, she presents her self-imposed rules for working as a police psychic: Number one is let them come to you: "never solicit" cases, she warns, or you'll be seen as one of the other thousands of wanna-bes who flood the police and the FBI with usually bogus "tips' that generally lead nowhere.

In 1981 when Psychic Investigator Noreen Renier first lectured at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, her work with police detectives was considered controversial. Today she is a well-known psychic detective who has worked on over 400 unsolved cases with city, county, and state law enforcement agencies in 38 states and six foreign countries.

Noreen Renier has a unique understanding of both the police and the paranormal. She has been featured on the Larry King Show, Court TV's Psychic Detectives (2003, 2004, 2005), ABC's Good Morning America, and the A&E channel's Beyond Chance and Unexplained. Her latest book, A Mind for Murder is available from Penguin Books.

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