Jessica Utts - Remote Viewing: It Works, but HOW? (IRVA 2006)
IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2006
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Jessica Utts - Remote Viewing: It Works, but HOW? (IRVA 2006)

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Jessica Utts - Remote Viewing: It Works, but HOW? (IRVA 2006)

One of the most exciting researchers in the field, Dr. Jessica Utts gives her assessment of the state of remote viewing and general ESP research. She introduces three of the hottest areas in current parapsychological exploration. Dr. Utts sets the tone by showing us the scale of funding for ESP research as compared to other science. Citing Dean Radin (who made a recent study of it), she tells us that in the more than a century of scientific ESP research, a total of around $50 million dollars have been spent. Contrast that with the budget for the National Science Foundation for just one year alone: $5.7 billion dollars (in other words, the NSF in spends in only one year more than a hundred times the amount that parapsychology has spent in 120 years). The real meat of Dr. Utts' discussion covers three phenomena which may turn out to have a major impact on remote viewing success: Shannon Entropy, local sidereal time, and geomagnetism, each of which she covers in an easily-understood fashion. Along the way, she touches on questions such as "Who does better at ESP?" "What conditions improve quality of remote viewing sessions?" "How do human perception and remote viewing relate?" "What models are there for how ESP works?" "Can we change the past?" and so on.

Jessica Utts is a Professor of Statistics at the University of California, Davis. She spent a year as a visiting scientist with the Remote Viewing Program at SRI International in 1988 and 1989 and was a consultant for the duration of the program at SRI and SAIC.

Professor Utts was one of the evaluators of the government remote viewing program when it was declassified in 1995, participating in the American Institutes for Research review of the Department of Defense's Star Gate Program. In addition to expertise in statistics and parapsychology Professor Utts is the author of three statistics textbooks and is well-known for her work in reforming statistics education.

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