Ingo Swann - Human Super-Sensitivities and the Future (IRVA 2006)
IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2006
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Ingo Swann - Human Super-Sensitivities and the Future (IRVA 2006)

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Ingo Swann - Human Super-Sensitivities and the Future (IRVA 2006)

A fascinating presentation from Ingo Swann, legendary creator of the discipline we now know as remote viewing. Ingo's scope is wide as he tells us of the need to overthrow the old models and ways of thinking about our psychic potential, to get outside our "reality boxes" that stifle our development, preventing us from seeing the bigger picture by keeping us too narrowly focused on smaller ones. Through stories, examples, and sly humor he at turns engages, chastises, and amuses the audience in his quest to lead them from point to point, eventually arriving at a greater realization of who they are and what their real place in the universe might be. Along the way he touches on the (missing) science of consciousness, the holographic universe, Dark Matter, and Sanskrit cosmology in a deeply philosophical exploration of the interpenetration of intuition, and human nature, and universe. Always accessible and down-to-earth, Ingo is at his best, embodying the essence of the practical mystic.

Ingo Swann was the discoverer and original developer of the remote viewing protocol. Already a widely-collected artist and an accomplished intuitive, Mr. Swann remote viewed the interior workings of a sophisticated quark detector in the physics department at Stanford University, the report of which attracted the interest of the CIA and led to the founding of the consciousness research program at SRI-International from which the military remote viewing program later sprang. Mr. Swann worked with Dr. Harold Puthoff at the SRI lab to create controlled remote viewing (CRV), which provides the foundation for the majority of remote viewing methods in use today, none of which has been able thus far to surpass it in effectiveness.

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