Stephan Schwartz - Factors that Impact on Remote Viewing Success (IRVA 2006)
IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2006
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Stephan Schwartz - Factors that Impact on Remote Viewing Success (IRVA 2006)

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Stephan Schwartz - Factors that Impact on Remote Viewing Success (IRVA 2006)

In this landmark presentation on his theme of the nonlocal mind, Stephan Schwartz introduces us to the vital ingredients for remote viewing success. In his usual comfortable, easily-understood, yet inspiring style, he first walks us through the first-ever scientific remote viewing experiment, which was preserved for us by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus. Mr. Schwartz then goes on to explain the value of a meditative mind-set (what technique of meditation one uses doesn't seem to matter, he tells us). He warns against obsession with 'rituals' in getting around to remote viewing, then focuses on the 'numinosity' (a term he borrows from Carl Jung) of the intended target's nature. Understanding this is crucial to success, he believes. Further topics include local sidereal time, geomagnetism, entropy, coherence, and the roles they all play, along with numinosity, in choosing good targets for remote viewing, to which he adds immensely helpful guidelines for developing target pools. As a bonus, Mr. Schwartz includes an interesting speculation on how humans lost much of their ESP and telepathic abilities as urban society evolved. Remarkably, this ties into the so-called "first time effect," where a novice viewer often has striking success the first time he or she tries remote viewing, but finds the success rate dropping off, until further practice develops the discipline necessary for sustainable quality. And it is this developed discipline which makes the difference between a naive and an experienced remote viewer.

Stephan Schwartz has been an author and researcher in extraordinary human performance for more than 30 years, focusing on anthropology and parapsychology. He is one of the founders of modern remote viewing, and the author of the classics, The Secret Vaults of Time, The Alexandria Project, and Remote Viewing: The Art and Science of Nonlocal Awareness. He has just released his latest book, Opening to the Infinite.

Schwartz was the Research Director of the Mobius Society, and an Associate of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research. He is currently Senior Advisor and Director of Research at The Rhine Research Center. He has written and produced a considerable body of work in documentary film. Stephan Schwartz serves on the board of directors of the International Remote Viewing Association.

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