The Roller Blade Seven
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The Roller Blade Seven

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The Roller Blade Seven

In the apocalyptic world of the future, the lone samurai Hawk (Scott Shaw) battles his way through the evil masses who are sent after him by Pharaoh (William Smith) and Saint Offender (Joe Estevez) as he embarks on his quest to rescue Sister Sparrow from the clutches of the evil Black Knight (Frank Stallone). Guided by his Psychic (Karen Black) Hawk fights his way through the abstract realms of reality.

Part Action Adventure Film, part extended Music Video, this film has been called one of the most influential and most misunderstood films of the late twentieth century.

This is a Special Edition, Non-Commercial, Director's Cut Release of the Donald G. Jackson/Scott Shaw Zen Film, The Roller Blade Seven.

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USA Network

Scott Shaw, Donald G. Jackson, Frank Stallone, Karen Black, Joe Esteves, Don Stroud, Jill Kelly

Title #239382
Format: DVD-R