Learn the fundamentals of Chicago-style Steppin'
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Learn the fundamentals of Chicago-style Steppin'

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Learn the fundamentals of Chicago-style Steppin'

Chicago Steppin' Instructional DVD/Video Level I entitled, "Learn the fundamentals of Chicago-style Steppin'"

Chicago-style Steppin' is an improvisational form of partner dancing originating from the Chicago area, the mecca and Steppin' capitol.

The dance form evolved from the early Lindy Hop and Jitterbug Eras in the 1930's & 1940's, and can also be traced back to the ritualistic dances in African culture. By the 1960's, Steppin' was known as the Bop, which evolved into a style all its own called Steppin' as we know it today.

Steppin' has a basic dance step that revolves around either a six-count or an eight-count beat to musical sounds of R&B, Jazz, Soul, Neo-Soul or Rap Music. It consists of two or more people dancing as partners in synchronization, and individual style and flair are key in the definition and understanding of this dance style. Steppin' has swept the nation as a dance that exudes creativity, fashion and style. The dance fosters a community of unity and a fun and positive atmosphere.

Highlights in the Level 1 Instructional Video include the Count Methodology, the Basic Step (2 versions), all Turns, Rythym and the Start/Lead. Bonus scenes from the Annual "So You Think You Can Step?" Dance Contest are also featured.

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See what customers are already saying about the video:

"I love the video...the ladies are thrilled about learning the basic 6 count, and I'm thrilled because we can both learn together." James M., Columbia, SC

"The video worked well for me because the instructor (s) taught the count, which is fundamental to knowing how to do the dance. I
also appreciated that each count was taught before you went on to the next one. I also like that everyone moved in unison when
training." D. P., Melrose Park, IL

Steven Mathews, Carolyn A. Patterson, Victoria Harris, Arthur Allen

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