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Yin Yang Insane

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Yin Yang Insane

Drawing from the tradition of the Twilight Zone, this cutting edge feature film has been touted as one of the most visually stunning and emotionally disturbing movies made to date, by the Hollywood Reporter.

Filmed in the desolate wasteland of the California desert, and its surrounding communities, Yin Yang Insane is a psychological thriller that follows a corporate gangster who, after making his biggest score, finds that he is pursued by a dark, shadowy figure attempting to effect revenge.

This film takes the viewer into the mind of a man as he slowly goes insane, based upon his guilt and regrets for causing the financial devastation of others.

"Visually stunning, morally corrupt," states the San Francisco Chronicle. "A must see."

A reviewer from the Chicago Sun Times says, "This character driven drama is reminiscent of the thrillers from the 1950s and 1960s, where you can't help but wonder where reality ends and fantasy begins."

Robert Z'Dar, Donald G. Jackson

Title #239628
Format: DVD-R