Mind Mastery For Soccer (DVD & CD)

Mind Mastery For Soccer (DVD & CD)

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Mind Mastery For Soccer (DVD & CD)

Players will spend hours practicing for an upcoming match, but what do they do to insure that they are mentally prepared for game day?

Created by the author of "Mastering The Mental Side of Soccer," Mind Mastery For Soccer is a remarkable program designed specifically to help you minimize and/or eliminate those uncharacteristic mental errors so that you always play your best .

The Mind Mastery For Soccer program is intended to help you better prepare for competition by focusing on the mental part of your game. It will allow you to understand why you may not be performing up to your true potential and how to remove the mental obstacles preventing you from becoming a premier player at your position.

The program includes the DVD titled Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. It will explain your Mind and the hemispheres of your brain and how they affect your performance during your matches. It will also teach you a simple - easy to learn process that will help you reprogram your mind for success so that you perform your best during competition.

You will also receive a copy of a powerful 30 minute audio CD titled Winning At Soccer. Imagine an onion. At its center is your true potential to become a premier player. Repeated listening to this remarkable CD allows you to neutralize your old limiting beliefs and behavior patterns so that you play your best soccer during your matches.

Ernest Solivan

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