IRVA 2006 Remote Viewing Conference - Complete 13-DVD Set
IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2006
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IRVA 2006 Remote Viewing Conference - Complete 13-DVD Set

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IRVA 2006 Remote Viewing Conference - Complete 13-DVD Set

This is a complete set of all 13 presentations made at at the 2006 Remote Viewing Conference. Speakers included are Jeffrey Mishlove, Angela Thompson Smith, Noreen Renier, Paul H. Smith, George McMullen, Jessica Utts, Elias Merhige, Lyn Buchanan, Dean Radin, Ingo Swann, Russell Targ, William Tiller, and Stephan Schwartz

Disk 1 - Jeffrey Mishlove - Remote Viewing is not 'viewing'
Disk 2 - Angela Thompson Smith - RV Around the World: International Claims about Remote Viewing
Disk 3 - Noreen Renier - The Psychic Connection in Criminal Investigations
Disk 4 - Paul H. Smith - Smoking Gun II: Astonishing Evidence From the Archives
Disk 5 - George McMullen - The Story Tellers
Disk 6 - Jessica Utts - Remote Viewing: It Works, but HOW?
Disk 7 - E. Elias Merhige - RV: A filmmakers journey into the dramatic structure of the mind
Disk 8 - Lyn Buchanan - The Real Future of CRV: Where are we going from here?
Disk 9 - Dean Radin - Entangled Minds
Disk 10 - Ingo Swann - Human Super Sensitivities and the Future
Disk 11 - Russell Targ - Practical Applications of Psychic Abilities
Disk 12 - William Tiller - Psychoenergetics Science and its Relationship to Remote Viewing
Disk 13 - Stephan Schwartz - Factors that Impact on Remote Viewing Success

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