The Best of GeoAmerica
Produced by Explorer Multimedia Inc.
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The Best of GeoAmerica

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The Best of GeoAmerica

Join geologist Devin Dennie as he explorers the natural history of American landscapes and the relationships we all share with them.

The Best of GeoAmerica covers topics such as the East Texas oil field, the Permian Reef and the Mississippi Delta in a fun and engaging way.

The disc contains:

GeoAmerica: The Black Giant
GeoAmerica: Reef Madness
GeoAmerica: Mississippi Delta Blues

As well as previews of of Explorer Multimedia Inc., productions.

Explorer Multimedia Inc., is a non-profit 501©(3) corporation and have produced such hits as "RockHonds: The Movie" and the TV series "North Texas Explorer."

Devin Dennie

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The Best of GeoAmerica
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