Alien Secrets
Produced by New Integrity Films, Brandon Scott Prods & Bindu Films
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Alien Secrets

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Alien Secrets

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A clever send up of the UFO genre based on UFO investigator Brandon Scott's real life escapades as he explores the subculture with a biting edge and wit. Brandon plays a parody of himself, which takes on a wild ride that at times seems like a cross between X-Files and Spinal Tap. Follow Brandon as he cleverly navigates his way through the world of Hollywood Celebrities, UFO Abductees and Alien-Human Hybrids while dogging a shadow government agent bent on stopping his findings. This offbeat and quirky sci-fi hybrid film is sprinkled with real life people from the UFO community and actually people claiming to be alien-human hybrids. With over twenty original songs, real UFO footage and daring subject matter, this provocative film is sure to be a cult sensation.
Starring: Brandon Scott, Spike Steingasser, Budd Hopkins, Bob Dean, Raven De La Croix and Intergalactic Diva.

Televised Broadcasts:
Distributed on VOD & PPV 2007-2008 Comcast & Warner Home Entertainment.

This unusual subject matter is presented with wry humor including original songs and real UFO footage and it's sure to be a cult fave -Marci Marks Studio City Sun

Sometimes we get movie news that is so different we cannot help but let you know about it. So it is with Alien Secrets -

This movie is the most important story ever told - Todd Mills Executive Producer Timothy Leary is Dead

Brandon Scott, Spike Steingasser, Budd Hopkins, Intergalactic Diva

Best Feature Film 2006 EBE Awards

Film Festivals:
2006 EBE Awards

Title #241605
Format: DVD-R