Hawk Warrior of the Wheelzone
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Hawk Warrior of the Wheelzone

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Hawk Warrior of the Wheelzone

Hawk: Warrior of the Wheelzone.

Here is a rare glimpse into the Zen Filmmaking legacy of Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson. This DVD presents a never before released film based upon the Cult Film Classic, The Roller Blade Seven.

The story behind, Hawk: Warrior of the Wheelzone, is that in 1992 Jackson and Shaw were planning a third film in the Roller Blade Seven Trilogy. This film was to be titled, Wheelzone Rangers. As a marketing tool, Jackson asked Shaw to reedit and combine the footage from the original Roller Blade Seven and Return of the Roller Blade Seven. What was created was a film that left in much of the bizarre dialogue but changed how the plot unfolded. Thus, making it into a more straight-ahead martial art based action-adventure.

Scott Shaw, Donald G. Jackson, Joe Estevez, Don Stroud, Karen Black, Frank Stallone

Title #241969
Format: DVD-R