It Came From Uranus!

It Came From Uranus!

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It Came From Uranus!

From the people who made a bunch of other movies that have absolutely nothing to do with this one comes an epic space adventure of galactic proportions.

With a magma-filled belch, something has shot out of Uranus and is hurtling across the stars and towards the Earth! It's up to Doctors Drake, Craddock, and Grove, along with Sally, the spunky reporter, and Bert, the adequetely competent janitor, to embark upon an unprecedented journey across the cosmos in a race against time to save the Earth and all of humanity from the thing that came from Uranus!

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Andy LaRue, Jef Kelly, Kimberly Smitheman

Best Comedy 2007 Delaware Valley Film Festival

Film Festivals:
Best Comedy 2007 Delaware Valley Film Festival

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