Alexander Hell The Vampire Hunter
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Alexander Hell The Vampire Hunter

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Alexander Hell The Vampire Hunter

International Action Star and Martial Arts Master Scott Shaw stars as Alexander Hell, a cross-dimensional mercenary who rides his Harley Davidson motorcycle out of the dark abyss and joins forces with Sir Katana, Kenneth H. Kim, to send ancient vampires, who are wreaking havoc on Hollywood, California, back to Hell.

This is a longer version of the Cult Film Classic, Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell. This version of the film was previously only released in Asia. There is an added 30 minutes to the film. There are extended scenes that were felt to not meet the quality criteria for a wide release and additional scenes that were shot with 8mm and Super 8 film.

Scott Shaw, Kenneth H. Kim, Roger Ellis, Selina Jayne, Douglas Jackson

Winner: Scott Shaw, Best Director, Tokyo Experimental Film Festival.

Title #243087
Format: DVD-R