Nick Seferlis - Healing, Intuition and Remote Viewing (IRVA 2007)
IRVA Remote Viewing Conference 2007
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Nick Seferlis - Healing, Intuition and Remote Viewing (IRVA 2007)

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Nick Seferlis - Healing, Intuition and Remote Viewing (IRVA 2007)

A counselor who employs cutting-edge psychotherapy to help clients in his private practice, Nick Seferlis engages the audience in participation throughout his presentation to show us his techniques for remote diagnosis and healing. He talks us through various guided visualization techniques to both direct attendees to find and join in treating the chronic pain of a volunteer subject named Doug, but also to help Sophie, another volunteer, to deal with and manage her unusual phobia. He and the audience also engage with the long-term pain experienced by another subject, Brian, to start him on his way to relief by the end of the conference.

Nick Seferlis has been a practitioner and trainer of cutting edge psychologies for over 30 years. He has studied with remote viewers, medical intuitives, and energy psychology pioneers. Nick has developed his own intuitive healing technique, a treatment that merges these diverse techniques. As a licensed counselor in Portland, Maine, he uses energy psycholgy in conjunction with other modalities to help his clients with phobias, traumas and smoking cessation. He has optimized his techniques for maximum results in a minimum of time. Nick is currently training other professionals in the use of intuitive healing and other energy psychologies.

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